Woodsman Tree Care - Bristol/Bath based tree surgeons

For all aspects of tree surgery, planting and forestry maintenance Bristol and Bath

  • Woodsman Tree Care - Bristol/Bath based tree surgeons


  • Tree Removal

    When tree removal is required, the majority of the time a tree will have to be climbed and lowered in sections. This is done using approved rigging techniques.

  • Forestry Operations

    A practice in which most trees are uniformly cut down, often used for land reclamation or timber value. We can provide a replant program.

  • Tree Care

    A crown reduction involves reducing the height and spread of a tree's crown. Often this process is used to keep a tree well maintained.

  • Hedge trimming

    A well-maintained hedge provides a smart, aesthetic boundary to a garden, but if left unchecked, a hedge can soon lose its shape and end up casting unwanted shade.

Why Choose Us

Woodsman Tree Care - Bristol/Bath based tree surgeons
Logs and Woodchip

Given the nature of our work firewood and woodchip is readily available from us throughout Bristol and Bath.

High Skills

All of our staff pride themselves on being great arborists. This is why we all hold the correct training and qualifications to complete work at a professional standard.

Environmentally Aware

Our chainsaws all use biodegradable chain oil, as well as utilising low emission engines to comply with EU regulations.

Health and Safety

Tree surgery can be dangerous work to an untrained person. At woodsman tree care, health and safety is paramount. Correct PPE, qualifications and good practice will always be utilised.